Red Robot

Red Robot is a close-knit team of creative thinkers, skilled technicians, engineers, marketers and experienced business advisors working to deliver inventive, transformative and commercially viable products.

Our design and manufacturing hub is based in Canberra’s creative hotspot at the Dairy Road precinct in Fyshwick. Drawing on our design and engineering expertise and backed by exciting 3D technology design tools and manufacturing equipment, we have helped create clever products for businesses – such as sustainable pop-up market stands – through to ground-breaking innovations that have the potential to save people’s lives.


The NeuroPower framework intertwines neuroscientific, behavioural and psychological perspectives into a model that addresses complex issues of the mind and business. It integrates historically siloed, and often contradictory, schools of thought in an insightful and practical way.

As a leading behavioural strategy firm, NeuroPower combines psychology, neuroscience and behavioural economics to solve the world's complex people problems.

Innovation Connect ACT

Innovate Connect helps Canberra-based businesses develop innovative products and services. Support is available for smaller, technology focused start-ups and entrepreneurs to accelerate viable, innovative ideas along the commercialisation pathway.

Businesses in the early stages of preparing an innovative product or service for investment or commercialisation can receive support to:

  • develop a product prototype

  • develop functional software

  • develop a formal marketing strategy

  • undertake market testing

  • obtain professional IP and patenting advice and legal advice